Alexa Echo Review: Best Tech Gadgets Ever

Amazon Alexa Echo

Alexa Echo is best ever smart gadgets till date and have become very popular in a short span of time. Large numbers of customers using this new tech gadgets. Daily numerous customers are ordering Amazon Echo online. You can also be a part of this purchasing and can order Alexa Echo online. But before buying must know more about this amazing product.

What is Alexa Echo?

Alexa Echo also known as Amazon Echo is actually smart speaker brand developed by Amazon. It is voice controlled speaker which is much smarter than any other device you have used before. It is one such smart gadgets that can do unexpected things which you have ever thought. It can completely control your smart home devices and can do amazing tasks for you using its voice control features. It can play music, make calls, ask questions, send weather reports, sports scores and various other information you are seeking for.

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Different Versions of Alexa Echo

There are several versions of Echo available now. Some of them are listed below along with its price:

1. Echo Dot: Most popular one and it comes in ₹ 4,499

2. Echo Plus: It is smart home setup gadgets with awesome quality sound. Its price is ₹14,999

3. Echo Sub: Echo Sub is a kind of powerful subwoofer which is available on Amazon @ just ₹12,999

4. Amazon Echo: Play rock-music with awesome room-filling sound using Amazon Echo. It comes at great price of ₹9,999

5. Echo Spot: Another advanced version of Alexa Echo which comes with screen. It comes in ₹12,999

6. Echo Input: Smart Speaker Cost ₹2,999

What Does Alexa Echo Dot Do?

• Alexa Says Time: Just ask What’s time Alexa? From anywhere of your room. It will speak up the exact time. You don’t need see your watch or run towards your clock or your phone to know the time.

Ask for Calendar Events: You can easily sync the device with Google calendar and can know all your events, meetings and reminders set for any particular date. Just ask the gadgets to inform you about the calendar events and it will tell you everything.

• Sets Alarm for You: You don’t need to set alarm in your clock or your phone. You just have to ask the device to do it for you and it is done.

• Acts as Timer: You can easily set time for your task to do using timer feature of Alexa Echo of Amazon and can do any task on proper time.

• Know Weather Report: Just sitting at your place or doing any kind of work ask it to send weather report of anywhere you will get the result instantly.

• Play Music on Demand: As soon as you ask the device to play music of your choice it starts playing immediately. There is no need of music player, media player, smartphone or anything. You can ask Echo to play any kind of song or music at anytime.

Ask for Cab Ride: Its really interesting when you asks Alexa Echo to do request for OLA Can or Uber Car pickup from the destination you want. Just you ask the device to do the request and your task is done. Isn’t it amazing??

• Alexa Echo Read Books: If you asks the device to read your eBook or Kindle Book for you then it will also do reading for you. You can also ask this smart gadget to pause or skip the chapters as per your wish.

Find Nearby Restaurants and Hotels: This amazing device can also find nearby restaurants, hotels, parks and whatever you wishes to search. Just ask it and it will find for you immediately.

• Create Shopping List: You don’t have to create even any kind of shopping lists by yourself. Just ask Alexa and it will do for you.

These are the list of few tasks it can do for you. According to Alexa Echo Reviews there are lot more things which you can perform just by asking this smart gadget.

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How to Set Up Alexa Echo Dot?

In order to set up Alexa Echo Dot you need to install Alexa App first. Then plug in the device. It consists of indicator on the top when it turns orange it shows it is ready for configuration. Connect the device with Wi-Fi and then launch Alexa App to start the setup. It will start automatically or you have to add Alexa Device within the app.

How to Buy Alexa Echo Dot?

Alexa Echo Review gives you complete information about the product, its features and different versions available. So, now it’s to buy Amazon Echo Online. This amazing smart gadgets is available on Amazon. You can order it from here. Just by clicking on order button you can add the product to cart and then you have to give some details for payment and delivery.

You have to provide address details where you want to get the product and then fill the area for payment option. Cash on Delivery and payment through credit/debit card is available. You can select as per your choice. If you are selecting Cash on Delivery then product will be delivered at your doorsteps and then you have to pay cash. In case of online payment you have to give credit/debit card details and payment is done on the spot. Online payment option is also safe and protected. So, just go for it.

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