Athletic Shoes Reviews: Comprehensive Guide on Choosing Athletic Shoes for Men

Buying athletic shoes for men is not as simple as you think. Many of the people don’t have proper idea about it, they just ask for sport shoe and bring it to the home. But actually this is not the proper way of buying athletic footwear. You must know the difference about several types of footwear available for specific purpose of outing and sport. This athletic shoes reviews will make you sure that every shoe is designed in different way to serve the specific purpose. Here, you will also get the best offers available on athletic shoes for running, walking and trekking etc.

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Types of Athletic Shoes for Men

1. Walking shoes: Walking shoes can be simple one but obviously not simple. It is specially designed for long walking with flexible soles and good cushioning in order to offer comfort during walk.

2. Running Shoes: Running shoes are designed especially for running purposes. It is made keeping in mind to give flexibility to feet for proper running. It is developed in such a way that offers extra cushioning to your feet and much stability for easy run. Its outsoles are durable and offer better traction support.

3. Cross Trainers: It is one such type of shoes which are considered as multi-purpose. It serves all purpose like walking, running and sport specific. But at the same time you don’t find much cushioning as you find in running shoes.

4. Trekking and hiking Boots: Boots for hiking and trekking are specifically designed to serve the special purpose like heading on hills snow or rock surface. It should have better grip and traction to avoid slipping or falling.

5. Sport-Specific Shoes: Sport-Specific footwear for men are different for different sport type. Like you have to select specific footwear designed for specific sport like cricket, basketball, football, tennis etc.

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Factors to Consider While Buying Athletic Shoes for Men

• Breathable: Wearing shoes for long time can cause overheating and results in sweaty palm and feet. It can cause skin irritations and uncomfort. So, you must check breathability of the footwear. It should have proper airflow with good mesh material, cotton lining, moisture wicker features etc.

Activity: Athletic shoes of different types are designed for different purposes. So, you must be choosy what you are going to buy and for what specific purpose. Because shoes made for walking can’t serve the purpose of running or hiking in a good manner. So, it is very necessary you should know the action going to perform and then select footwear as per your activity after researching athletic shoes reviews online.

Fitting & style: Proper fitting of footwear is very essential otherwise it can create problems like shin splints, sores and aching heels etc. Select shoe as per the shape and characteristic of your feet whether it is flat or high arch. At the same time style or trend is also taken into consideration.

Durability: Durability of footwear really matters as nobody wants to purchase any item of short lifespan. So, you must look for the material, design and durability of athletic shoes for men.

Budget: Everybody wants to do shopping within budget and so, you must take into account price of footwear you are going to buy. You should compare by going through Athletic Shoes Reviews online and then do your purchase.

Measurement Chart

UK Size USA Size EURO Size
4.5             5              38.5
5                6              39
5.5             6.5           39.5
7.5             8              41
8                8.5           41
8.5             9              41-42
9                9.5           42-43

Where to Buy Athletic Shoes for Men at Reasonable Price

As several options are available offline and online both for men shoes but if you select online purchase then it will be good decision. Online buying of men’s footwear is quite easy, money saving and time saving option. If you search online you will find large numbers of merchants and e-commerce website are offering such products. But you should be very conscious while buying as not only you have to select right product at affordable rate but also ensure that it should deliver on time and payment should be safe and secure.

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Amazon is most trusted options for buying items online. Its payment mode is safe and secure and consists of debit/credit card payment and cash on delivery options. Product will be delivered between 2-3 business days and overnight delivery facility is also available. If you select Amazon to buy Athletic Shoes you can avail discount of 50%.

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