List of Safe and Best Baby Wipes for Newborn

When it’s time for arrival of newborn baby in your family there arises a need to shop lots of baby products. Among all the most essential one you need is baby wipes and diapers. Often it happens that parents start buying lots of stuff before baby comes home. You purchased multi-packs and jumbo boxes of wipes and all at a time. But at times it happens that due to some reason or skin sensitivity you won’t be able to use all and waste your money. So, it is advised by baby experts to select the best baby wipes for newborn after making sure that it best suits your baby. Here, you will come across the tips in selecting the better wipes for your infant and also some of the top rated baby wipes 2019.

How to Select Best Baby Wipes for Newborn?

• Non-Toxic Element: Skin of baby is very sensitive so you must take into account that wipes should not manufactured using toxic elements. It should not cause any allergic reaction and made up of natural ingredients.

• Skin-friendly: It is seen that after using wipes and diapers sometimes skin rashes appears which hurts your baby lot. So, you must check the quality of diaper which is natural and organic to prevent any type of skin problems to your infant.

• Thickness: You must ensure that thickness of wipes is as much as to prevent any type of leakage.

• Select Something Eco-Friendly: It’s good to select wipes which are biodegradable and environment friendly.

Scented or Non-scented: Both fragrance and non-fragrance wipes are available in the market you can select the best one as per your baby skin type.

Our Top Picks Wipes

Pampers Fresh Clean Wipes

It is most popular and trusted baby product brand. Pampers wipes are dermatologist tested and completely safe for your baby. It is known for its unique soft grip texture which offers smooth cleaning of baby skin. It is having protect cover which prevents any kind of leakage and its refreshing fragrance makes it odour free. It is thicker than regular wipes and helps to restore skin pH balance. It is dermatologically tested wipes which is safe for baby.

pampers wipes

Huggies Cucumber and Aloe Vera Baby Wipes

Huggies is most trusted brand which is used by many of the moms all across the country. Its wipes are known for extra thickness and durability. It contains cucumber and aloe Vera extract which gives cooling effect to skin of baby.

huggies wipes

Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes

It is one of the best baby wipes for newborn which is as good as water and cotton. It is perfect combination of Ayurveda and biodegradable wipes which is safer choice of all moms. It contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera which keeps skin of baby soft and rashes free. It is dermatologically tested and clinicaly proven baby wipes. It is quite thinner than Pampers and Huggies wipes.

Mother Sparsh wipes

Mee Mee Caring Baby wet Wipes

Out of the 10 moms 7 prefer to use Mee Mee caring baby wipes as it is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested wipes. It is completely bacteria free product which is safe to use and don’t cause any type of skin rashes. It is made up of non-woven material and spun lace which is softer and easily cleans delicate skin of baby.

Mee Mee Wipes

Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes

Himalaya is another popular brand which is preferred by many parents. Himalaya gentle wipes offer smooth and soothing touch to baby skin. It is free from any kind of paraben, alcohol or any other toxic elements. Its aloe vera and lotus extracts keeps skin of baby moisturized. It is also clinically tested and best baby wipes for newborn which you can try.

Himalya Wipes

Luvlap Paraben Free Wipes

It contains Vitamin E along with Chamomile and Aloe Vera extract which hives mild fragrance. It is completely alcohol free and dermatologically tested product which you can safely use for your infant. It is one such baby wipes which contain antiseptic qualities and prevents any kind of skin rashes.

Luvlap wipes

Brands Available for Best Baby Wipes for Newborn 2019

Brand shopping matters in every purchases you are making. It gives you assurance of quality product and also build trust among customers. So, you can opt for following brands to purchase best baby wipes for newborn like as: Mee Mee, Johnson’s, Himalaya, Mamaearth, Pampers, Nuby, Chicoo, Mother Sparsh, Pigeon, Baby Dove, mamyPoko and Luvlap etc. All these brands are easily available on Amazon and offering good quality product to the online customers.

Discount and Offers Available

If you opt for Amazon to buy Best Baby Wipes then you can save a lot on your purchase. Here you can avail 50% off and can get the product at best price available. You don’t have to worry about product quality as it delivers the best. It is having easy return and cancellation policies so completely hassle free purchases you are going to do. From here you can also explore other baby products like best bassinet for babies, pacifier and teether for babies, bath toys for babies etc.

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About Payment and Delivery

As you already know online payment involves basically credit card/debit card payment. You just need to give card details, name and address for delivery. Payment can be easily done online an in a very secure manner. If you don’t want to do instant payment then you have another option of cash on delivery. If you select this option then you will do payment after the product is delivered at your doorsteps. The product is delivered at your home within 2-3 business days and for some products overnight delivery facilities are also available.

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